Microcurrent Facials

Key Features:

  • Short treatment time 35 minutes
  • Results proven in in-vivo and in-vitro research
  • High absorption of up to 70 ml/cc of active compounds per treatment
  • No parabens, artificial colors or fragrances
  • Natural active ingredients
  • Painless procedure
  • No risk of scarring
  • No downtime
elapromed microcurrent facials provide painless, non-invasive treatments utilizing our proprietary Transdermalporation technology, along with our exclusive natural active compounds.
Treatments feature all natural effective ingredients such as red rice meristem cells, peptides and patented formulations to ensure fast and effective results.
elapromed microcurrent facials utilize electronic micro-impulses which encourages the skin to absorb up to 70ml of our natural corrective nutritive formulations directly into the dermis. Virtually acting like an electronic syringe, this breakthrough technology enables the technician to fill lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, decrease pigmentation and even stretch marks. It provides proven results offered with traditional mesotherapy and micro-needling, without painful injections, side effects or downtime.
The elapromed system includes 9 specialized programs addressing several specific aesthetic issues including:

Facial treatments




Vascular skin

Filling lines and wrinkles

Body treatments



Anti-stretch marks

Hair restoration

The outcome after a 25 minute painless facial session is a thorough saturation of the targeted area with active and moisturizing compounds along with a general lifting, brightening and remoulding of the facial contours.
To enhance the lifting and regenerating effects, the micro-current also provides a general stimulating and firming of the attached underlying facial muscles, further providing unequalled anti-aging benefits than offered by comparable technologies.
The elapromed Transdermalporation treatment finishes with a light massage utilizing the remaining treatment product on the skin. Once completed follow with sunscreen.