My Story

Allyson Yeates Massage Centre was founded in February 2002 to cater to people needing last minute appointments. When most people call for a massage, they do so because they are in pain “now” and don’t want to wait days or weeks for an appointment. At the time, the average wait to see a massage therapist was two to three days – now it’s often 2-3 weeks!


Today, I am proud to provide top quality Sports Injury & Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Cold Laser Therapy on short notice. I do my best to ensure that you get an appointment very soon, the same day or next day. I love what I do and you can tell – it makes all the difference in a good massage.


With my company name recently changed to AllyWell Treatments, my goal is to focus on my clients’ total well being, both physically and spiritually. I am excited to announce my move to Nanaimo with the clinic at 1610 Northfield Rd, upstairs and beside National Leasing. My one-on-one sessions are designed to give you the most enjoyable experience possible. I use aromatherapy oils, pain relief lotions, heated massage tables, candles and relaxation music for the perfect blend of atmosphere and massage. Your experience will be relaxed and comfortable and when it’s finished, you won’t want to leave. I have had many people fall asleep.


I have had over 2200 hours training in Massage Therapy, and over 10,000 hours in practice. I am a full member of the Remedial Massage Therapy Association of Alberta RMTA. I am required to pursue continued education in my field, which is where I obtained my training and certification to perform cold laser therapy for injuries. While I am not registered in BC, I currently hold 3 certificates in Cold Laser Therapy as well as many more in massage.