This came in from a client that had me out the day after knee surgery……….

“Wow, I had a nap and when I woke up I just got up and walked easily and with way less stiffness and reduced pain, it feels much better already, can’t wait to see how it feels after tomorrow’s session”.


                                                         Gord Garriott – Health care field




Allyson came in early yesterday to accommodate me as I had hurt my back, she did cold laser followed by massage and I woke up this morning feeling amazing! Highly recommend Allyson! She is amazing!!






I wasn’t convinced cold laser would cure my tennis elbow, but Allyson encouraged me to try it and after only 5 sessions I was completely pain free! I can’t praise her highly enough!





My son is a kicker/punter for his high school football team across the border in Washington. He had been having back problems going into his sophomore season and was unable to practice for quite a while. I found an ad for Allyson Yeates Massage Centre on Craigslist and not only were her rates very reasonable, but it said she had NHL and CFL players as clients.I figured if she could help pro athletes, she could probably help my son. Allyson, you are a miracle worker! Between the cold laser treatments and massages, you got my son back in the game and he had a great season! He absolutely could not have done it without you! I HIGHLY recommend Allyson Yeates Massage Centre! registered in BC.




Good morning Allyson!

Just wanted to let you know that I did pick up a foam roller pad yesterday and Kyle says he not only likes using it, but that it’s also helping a lot.

Thanks again for recommending it! See you next week!




Hi Allyson!I thought you might be interested to know that Kyle performed well enough on the football field this year to be named Honorable Mention as both a place kicker and as a punter. We just found this out at his awards banquet last Thursday night. For someone who could barely walk in August to be able to even be mentioned for all-conference consideration, especially as a 16 year old, that’s pretty special. So please know you and your services were a big part of making that happen.

In addition to Canada411, I left reviews for you on both Facebook and on Yelp.

Thanks so much again for your work with Kyle. Without it, this season wouldn’t have happened for him.






Immediately after the session I felt more pain. So I went home and drank lots of water and ended up taking Ibuprofen before I went to bed. This morning it was definitely improved and different. I have not had to take any meds and the pain is mild and tolerable. I am sure your work yesterday shifted it and helped. So I would like to make another appointment for when you think it would be appropriate to have another session. Thanks so much for your help yesterday.


I am happy to tell you that today I have had the least hip pain on waking since we started treatment. I was able to get into the garden for a few hours over the weekend as well. It seems to me your treatments are helping so I would like to continue. Please let me know when you have another time available.


Maggie Snee [physiotherapist retired]



Ali! I’m so sad you’ve away from Vancouver! 🙁 But I know you’re going to help a lot of people in Nanaimo, so LUCKY THEM!!! Lol You helped me over come CHRONIC mid/lower back pain that I had been dealing with for years!! (10yrs to be exact) And the best part is its still feeling 100x better than it was before you fixed me. Just so everyone is aware, Ali did a deep tissue massage on my back, along with some laser therapy and I was 85% healed after my FIRST VISIT! I spent literally, thousands of dollars on massages and chiropractors but Ali ACTUALLY listened to what I had to say regarding my pains while I was lying on her table which at the time was rare for me! I recommend her to anybody who is experiencing the same struggles I was going through. You won’t be let down! I guarantee it! :)#allysonyeatesmassagecentre Cheers,





It’s great to have a daughter that has her own laser.  I developed “golfers elbow” recently and it was quite painful. I put up with it for a couple of weeks but one day our daughter overheard me complaining to my wife and suggested I try a few laser treatments.

Well , four days and four sessions later the pain was gone.  It REALLY IS great to have a daughter with her own laser.    





Hi Allyson, I just wanted to email you to say how grateful I am that you were able to fit me into your busy schedule. My back was killing me from early that morning, and by the time I left your place yesterday I was feeling worlds better.

And it was such a nice surprise to get the card and gift certificate… you certainly didn’t have to do that, but still, it’s very much appreciated. I look forward to coming back again, and want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.





I am a professional football player and have access to a personal masseuse and still Allyson Yeates has provided some of the best massages i have ever had. Frank Ferrara, BC Lions 2004/5





Allyson is Professional, Informed and a pleasure to be around, I found her work environment clean, and inviting. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.